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Media Teknologi | Jual OTDR EXFO | Jual Splicer Sumitomo | Jual Site Master Anritsu | OTDR Yokogawa | Power Meter Bird | Splicer fujikura | | Harga Perahu Karet | Fusion Splicer Ilsintech,  * Digital Theodolite Nikon,  Total Station T
Media Teknologi | Jual OTDR EXFO | Jual Splicer Sumitomo | Jual Site Master Anritsu | OTDR Yokogawa | Power Meter Bird | Splicer fujikura | | Harga Perahu Karet | Fusion Splicer Ilsintech, * Digital Theodolite Nikon, Total Station T
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Mr. Edis Nasihin
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Pesanggrahan Permai Jl.Pesanggrahan Raya Blok.B/49 Petukangan Selatan
Jakarta Selatan 12270, Jakarta
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We are an Authorized Dealer Trimble, Garmin, Triton, Topcon, Nikon, Pentax, South, Sokkia, Suunto, Brunton, Gowin, CST, Leica, Motorola, Yaesu, Weierwei, Icom, Alinco, Bird, Anritsu, Fujikura, Sunrise Telkom.

1.1 History stands

CV Media Teknologi was founded in 2007, and was inaugurated on 18 November 2008. We are an Authorized Dealer of Equipment Survey, Geological Tools, Communication Equipment, and Telecommunications Equipment. We only sell the famous brands in the field each and can be assured of authenticity. Media Technology located in South Jakarta area, we chose the area because access is easier for customers to visit our office.

1.2 Vision and Mission

VISION: Being a good and reliable for customers and to improve welfare through social responsibility and environmental awareness.

MISSION: Ensure reliable service to put the optimal satisfaction of a good working relationship and mutual benefit, also the quality and quantity are guaranteed.

1.3 Goods Booking Process

a. via transfer
Order -> Transfer -> Process -> Delivery

b. via COD
Order -> Process -> Delivery -> Payment

2. Product & Brand

2.1 Product

2.1.1 Survey Equipment
v Total Station
v Digital Theodolite
v Waterpass / Automatic Level
v Levelling Laser
v Disto Meter
v Altimeter
v Clinometer
v Tandem
v Digital Planimeter
v Other Accessoris

2.1.2 Geological Equipment
v Kompas
v Sight Master Compass
v Palu
v Rain Gauge
v Abney Level
v Barometer
v Loupe Rouper
v Kaca Pembesar

2.1.3 Communication Equipment
v Handy Talky
v Radio Rig
v Repeater
v Tower
v Telepon Satelite

2.1.4 Telecommunications Equipment
v Spectrum Analyzer
v Site Master
v Optical Splicer
v Power Meter
v Bertest Sunlite

2.1.5 Materials Testing Equipment
v Hammer Test
v Hammer Test Digital
v Compaction Test
v Dutch Cone Penetrometer
v Speedy Moisture
v Direct Shear Test
v Consolidation Test
v Unconfined Compression Machine
v Dynamic Cone Penetrometer
v Hand Bor Soil Boring Sampler
v Moisture Content Test

2.1.6 Other Equipment
v Binoculars/ Teropong
v Monocular/ Teropong Bintang
v Rubber Boat
v Life Jacket

2.1.7 Service and Installation Services
v Service Equipment Survey
v Service Communication Equipment
v Service Telecommunications Equipment
v Services Procurement & Installation of Tower Triangle
v Installing the Repeater & Tower Triangle

2.2 Brand

2.2.1 Survey Equipment:
v Topcon
v Nikon
v Sokkia
v Pentax
v South
v Gowin
v Neolaser
v Leica
v Garmin
v Trimble
v Triton

2.2.2 Geological Equipment:
v Brunton
v Suunto
v Estwing
v Freiberger
v Silva
v Sola

2.2.3 Communication Equipment:
v Motorola
v Icom
v Alinco
v Weierwei
v Yaesu
v Kenwood
v Olinca
v Suicom

2.2.4 Telecommunication Equipment:
v Sunrise Telcom
v Bird
v Anritsu
v Yukogawa
v Fujikura
v Agilent
v Noyes

2.2.5 Materials Testing Equipment:
v Matest
v Proseq
v Local Brand

2.2.6 Other Equipment

v Nikon
v Steiner
v Bushnell
v Zebec
v Avon

3. Product Value

1.Product we offer is guaranteed genuine and not the Black Market ( BM) and also the official warranty from the distributor.

2. With the online store model, in addition to speed and ease of access to product information and pricing, you' ll still get a friendly and professional service.

3. You will get a list of products and prices are complete and always up to date, competitive with companies engaged in the same field.

4. The price we offer can still be negotiated

5. The ease and simplicity of the shopping process, delivery, and service after sale.

For more info, contact us or visit our website at

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